BREAKING: Kari Lake Scores Massive Victory, Court Forced To Review Election Issues

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Republican Kari Lake has consistently questioned the outcome of the 2022 election for Arizona’s Governor after losing to Democrat Katie Hobbs.

Lake filed a lawsuit alleging voter fraud, tampered ballots, and improperly handled ballots.

In a major victory, the Arizona Supreme Court ruled in favor of Lake. A lower court is being forced to review signature verification issues in the election.

“HUGE,” Lake wrote to social media following the ruling. “AZ Supreme Court Rules In Favor of Kari Lake, Forces Lower Court to Look at Signature Verification Issues.”

“They messed with the wrong woman,” Lake’s team said in a statement.

Lake reportedly lost by approximately 17,000 votes. With such a thin margin of victory, election integrity and ballot irregularities matter.

“Signature Verification has been the third rail for Maricopa County for the past few years,” wrote Kari Lake War Room.

“They have thrown every obstacle at Arizona election integrity activists to prevent them from reaching it,” she said.

Lake’s efforts will hopefully reestablish election integrity in the state of Arizona.

The voters of Arizona are looking for more answers about how the integrity of their vote was impacted in the midterm elections.

Lake has been a vocal Trump supporter and has successfully exposed the recent failures of the voting machines in Arizona’s largest county.

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Over 2,000 conservatives appearing at the annual CPAC conference picked Kari Lake as the leading favorite for Trump’s potential vice presidential pick. She received 20 percent of the vote.

DeSantis came in second as the choice for vice president of 14 percent of the vote.

DeSantis hasn’t announced whether he is running and he did not attend the CPAC conference.