BREAKING: 2-Time National Champion, Georgia QB Stetson Bennett Arrested

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Two-time national championship-winning quarterback Stetson Bennett was arrested in Dallas, Texas.

Police received a phone call about an unknown man who was banging on doors in the area. The 25-year-old athlete was arrested around 6:00 a.m. for public intoxication.

Bennett won his second national championship with Georgia in early January.

He is set to enter the NFL Draft in April.

Bennett is believed to be in Dallas in order to train for the NFL Draft.

The arrest occurred at the 1600 Block of Tribeca Way in Old East Dallas.

Dallas Police took Bennett was taken to a local detention center where he was booked.

Bennett was invited to play in the Senior Bowl next weekend, but he opted against participation in the All-Star game. He’s solely focused on preparing fro the Draft.

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Neither the University of Georgia nor the Dallas police have commented further on the arrest.

Had Stetson Bennett decided to play in the Senior Bowl, he would have been slated to arrive in Mobile with the rest of the game’s participants on Sunday afternoon. Instead, he was in Dallas.

This story will be updated as further details are released.