Area 51 Expert And Website Owner Raided By Dozen Armed FBI Agents

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During an appearance on Fox News, Area 51 expert Joerg Arnu revealed that his home was violently raided by more than a dozen armed FBI agents in November.

He has received minimal explanation for the raid, which caused $25,000 in damages to his property. Arnu says he’s lost faith in the federal government and justice system.

Speaking to Fox News host Tucker Carlson, Arnu said, “I can’t get ahold of anyone. Three doors were kicked in. A country gate was busted.”

“My girlfriend was dragged out of the house in Las Vegas,” he continued. “I was dragged out of the house in Rachel. And nobody can give us any answers.”

Arnu suspects that the search was related to images he posted on his website, but he hasn’t received an explanation from the U.S. Justice Department for months.

He continued, “I published photos of Area 51 on my website, which is something I have done for 20 years without anyone really taking issue with it.”

“And all of a sudden, this thing comes out of the blue crashing down on my homes. I really still don’t have an explanation,” the expert said.

Carlson asked Arnu, who is an immigrant, if he had ever imagined something like this happening to him when he migrated to the United States.

“Absolutely not,” he responded. “I would have never expected this.”

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“If you would have told me three months ago that this could happen, I would have said absolutely impossible,” he continued.

“I am really shocked that this can happen to a cooperating, innocent senior citizen who is really just wanting for looking for a peaceful retirement and who has a little hobby on the side to run a blog about Area 51. That’s all I’m doing,” he explained.

“Part of what I’m doing on my website is actually telling people how to stay out of trouble. There are directions on the website so that people know where they can go and where they cannot go. So in fact, I’m trying to kind of help the government keep the loonies out of there,” Arnu explained.

More on this story via Fox News:

Arnu has not been charged with anything since the raid and is still searching for answers. He said that he has hired a lawyer, who is also having difficulties getting in contact with anyone.

The only time he was able to achieve contact with the FBI was in his attempt to get reimbursed for the “$25,000 in damages” the FBI caused during the raid, which they denied.

“I cannot get a hold of anyone at the FBI. I have actually hired a lawyer who, you know, similarly cannot get a hold of anyone at the FBI. The only reaction I got was when I filed to be reimbursed for the damages to my homes. I very quickly got denied. That was all I got. And I would like to get my property back, $25,000 in damages and my property that was seized. I have about $6,000 in legal damages,” Arnu explained.

“I am totally shocked that this can happen. To some degree, I have lost a little bit of faith in the justice system in this country, and I would really like to know who is behind this,” Arnu concluded.