School Board Member Exposed For Saying Horrible Things About White People Online: ‘More Dangerous Than Animals’

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Kesha Hamilton, a Jackson County School Board member, is under fire for racist tweets about white people during a public meeting.

“These White women are the stupidest,” she said in one tweet. She also said, “Whiteness is so evil.”

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Hamilton said, “Whiteness is so evil.. it manipulates then says, I won’t apologize for my dishonesty and trauma-inducing practices and thinks you should applaud it for being honest about its ability to manipulate and be dishonest. #Deceitful #Perfidous.”

She said, “The last thing you have to worry about is an animal – though that could be a very real threat.. more dangerous are any whites you may see on the trail.. be safe!”

Hamilton responded to questions by Fox News, saying, “Whiteness defined is β€˜white racialized identity,’ which refers to the way that white people, their customs, culture, and beliefs operate as the standard by which all other groups are compared.”

She continued, “Whiteness is a construct, a normalization with a foundation in white supremacy, recent examples of the normalization of whiteness with a foundation of white supremacy are the murder of George Floyd, the massacre of Black residents in Buffalo, NY, the attempted kidnapping of MI Governor Whitmer, the attack on our Democracy on January 6th, 2021, and the inconsistencies of our criminal justice system, etc.”

Parent Gina Hastings said, “Someone in her influential position must be held to a high standard. She must be a representative for all students in the JPS system.”

She continued, “Her racist comments should not be condoned. How can all kids feel safe when physical characteristics over which they have no control are being called evil and dangerous.”

Another participant said. “You are not addressing the disparities, you are adding to them with your hurtful remarks. Your words are not unifying our community. Your words are dividing our community.”

Myeshia Jones, a diversity, equity, and inclusion specialist, said that Hamilton’s comments about “whiteness” were taking aim at systemic racism and not White people.