‘Yellowstone’ Actor On the Possibility Of A ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ Sequel

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Josh Lucas shares the same passion as the audience for a “Sweet Home Alabama” sequel, according to Fox News.

The “Yellowstone” actor recently made it known that he would be more than happy to participate in the production of the hit 2002 film, which also starred Reese Witherspoon. He stated he has been pleading with Witherspoon for a sequel for some time, but refrained from blaming her for the delay.

“I really want to. I advocated for her. I won’t claim that she is the issue, but I believe that Reese’s busy schedule is a contributing factor.”

“I firmly feel that she wants to take part in it, and I’m assuming that she does as well. It’s not that simple for her to carve out that area of her life. I wish she could find a time to accomplish it because I don’t have the same obligations or time restrictions. I’ll be there on Sunday.”

Since 2002, Witherspoon has acted in a variety of films and television productions, including “Big Little Lies,” which she also produced. Witherspoon’s production company, Hello Sunshine, was established in 2016.

When they were filming “Sweet Home Alabama,” Lucas is credited for foreseeing Witherspoon’s career as a producer, telling crew members that she would go far in life.

“I recall the time we spent making that movie. I thought, “Wow, this woman is a really intelligent, powerful person,” at one point “said he. “Not just because she was a fantastic actor and comic, of course. By then, she is in her mid-20s. Reese will operate a movie company, I said to the director and to a few other individuals. They asked, “Really?””

He remarked, “If you look at what she’s doing, she’s become a mogul,” referring to the state of his former co-work star’s now.

It appears like Witherspoon would be open to reprising her role as Melanie Smooter. She has referred to filming some of the moments as “wonderful.” She believes that one sequence in particular from her new movie, “Something From Tiffany’s,” which reminded her of the Tiffany’s store, has struck viewers the most.

“We stayed up all night because it was a night shoot when I was, oh, 24. Additionally, the entire store had been shut down. We were therefore free to roam around and examine anything, including the jewels “In November, she spoke with Entertainment Tonight. “Just magical, really. It was quite enchanted.”

The well-known film follows Witherspoon’s Melanie as she makes her way from New York City to her hometown of Alabama to file for divorce from Lucas’s high school sweetheart turned husband Jake, who doesn’t want a divorce and won’t grant her one.

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Years previously, Melanie had made the decision to relocate to New York in order to start over and leave the South and her small-town way of life behind. She also succeeded in building a lucrative profession as a fashion designer and a socialite reputation. She finds herself engaged to Andrew Hennings (Patrick Dempsey), the city’s most eligible bachelor, but she needs the divorce she’s been pursuing for seven years in order to wed him.

After spending some time in her hometown, she comes to the realization that giving up that aspect of herself might not be as simple as she originally believed, and that she could have held her former life in too high a regard.

In the same interview, Lucas talked about his present part on the popular television series “Yellowstone,” in which he co-stars with Kevin Costner. He describes his work on the program, in which he portrays a younger version of Costner’s character, as “amazing,” adding that he is moved by “the enthusiasm of the fans and the people who adore the show.”

The level of dedication and the familial atmosphere that this team and cast have created together is what most impresses Lucas. “They are really secluded, they work incredibly hard, and they are out in the middle of nowhere in Montana. Everybody working on the project is trying to make it something exceptional, and they all put their hearts and minds into it.”