4 Nurses Fired For Viral TikTok Making Fun of Patients

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Four nurses at Emory University Hospital Midtown have been punished for making fun of hospital patients in a TikTok video.

In the video, the former nurses recorded themselves talking about their “Labor Delivery Icks.”

“My ick is when you come in for your induction, talking about ‘can I take a shower, can I eat?’” one nurse said.

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“My ick is when the dad comes outside and asks for a paternity test,” another said.

The nurses also criticized the different pain medication methods their patients used and asked nurses a lot of questions at the nurse desk.

Emory Healthcare officials said in a tweet that the video “does not represent our commitment to patient and family-centered care.”

The statement says the video :falls far short of the values and standards we expect every member of our team to hold and demonstrate.”

The identities of the nurses were not released.