’So F***ing Stressful’: Hunter Biden Interview Quickly Goes South

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There are looming criminal charges for Hunter Biden, the disgraced son of President Joe Biden.

Sources say criminal charges are “imminent” for Hunter in connection to his shady overseas business dealings as well as the illegal purchase of a firearm while he was regularly smoking crack cocaine.

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In the meantime, Hunter found time to appear on a podcast called “The Crypto Roundtable Show” with host Mario Nawfal.

Podcast host Mario Nawfal quickly found out that Hunter didn’t actually have any commentary to offer on the topic of NFTs or cryptocurrency.

“Behind the scenes, that was tough,” Nawfal admitted. “There were a lot of requirements we had to meet.”

F***ing that was so stressful,” he added. “That was so f***ing stressful, man.”

Nawfal explained that his hands were “tied” because behind the scenes he was disallowed to ask the president’s son certain questions.


“There’s a lot of stories that I wasn’t aware of that kind of made this significantly more tricky and delicate,” he said.

“Usually, I’m very open, I ask questions, I debate,” he continued. “It’s like a free mic, anyone could ask any questions, we always let debates happen.”

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“But this is the first time where we, like, kind of f—ing hands tied: ‘These are the questions you ask. You can’t ask any other questions.’ And bro it was difficult.”

More on this story via Fox News:

Hunter Biden appeared on “The Crypto Roundtable Show” with host Mario Nawfal on Tuesday, the day of the week the host typically reserves for topics related to NFTs. Biden, however, had very little commentary to offer on NFTs or cryptocurrency.

Biden appeared on the show alongside “Tron” producer Donald Kushner and talked a little about his drug recovery and how painting around the clock has helped him stay sober, while Kushner promoted his new Web3-inspired Cryptosaurs NFT collection…

Nawfal vowed that he wouldn’t make the same mistake twice.

“My fault was to accept any guests, I don’t care if it’s a president next time, any guests that comes on – that’s my rule moving forward as of today,” he said. “Any guest that comes on from now on has to be ready to be able to answer any f—ing question we want to ask. No pre-packed questions.”