BREAKING: The Staggering Amount Spent By Democrats On Unsuccessful Campaigns

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Failed Texas Democrat Beto O’Rourke spent a mind-numbing $175 million on running unsuccessful campaigns for different office in just four years, according to records obtained by Fox News.

The three-time loser has “racked up massive, and sometimes record-breaking, campaign contributions,” sources confirmed.

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Similarly, failed Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams spent over $73 million on her last two campaigns and lost twice.

Abrams recent failed attempt to become governor wasted a staggering $45 million.

Florida Democrat Charlie Crist wasted $32 million in his failed attempt to unseat the wildly popular Governor Ron DeSantis.

None of this comes as a major surprise. Many Americans understand that Democrats love spending other people’s money.

Political commentator Glen Greenwald said, “It’s amazing how much money Democratic voters waste on social media stars in clearly unwinnable races, doing nothing but enriching Dem consultants.”

“$75m on Beto. $70m on Demings. $11m on MTG’s opponent (someone named Marcus Flowers),” he added.

Democrats have also wasted millions more in their political witch hunts against former President Donald Trump, even when he’s out of office.

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More from Fox News:

While O’Rourke has lost three different races in three consecutive election cycles, he has racked up massive, and sometimes record-breaking, campaign contributions.

In 2018, O’Rourke’s campaign for Senate raised a whopping $80.3 million, according to Federal Election Commission data. The massive haul included a record-shattering $38.1 million quarterly haul raised between July 2018 and September 2018.

O’Rourke raised another $18.6 million during his short-lived presidential campaign which lasted a mere seven months.

And during the 2022 gubernatorial campaign, O’Rourke set more records, pulling in more than $76 million in the year since he announced his intention to run for the seat, The Texas Tribune reported. The $27.6 million his campaign raised between February and June was the largest quarterly figure ever recorded in Texas.

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