Gavin Newsom Blames Trump For People Leaving California

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California Governor Gavin Newsom spoke at Code 2022 and said he blames people leaving California because of President Donald Trump’s visa policies.

Newsom said that California outperformed other states in GOP growth and had more than a million-dollar surplus.

Newsom explained how that could be with people leaving California. Newsom said yes, we lost 182,000 people in 2020, and the main reason people left was because of Trump.

Newsom said, “Our formula for success is getting first-round draft choices from around the world. I mean, we’re as dumb as we want to be.”

Newson was unhappy with Congress for not passing “comprehensive immigration reform.”

“No state has more to lose, and no state has more to gain than the State of California from Silicon Valley to Central Valley,” Newsom continued.

Newman did recognize “affordability” as being a factor.

Newsom concluded, “We own that. I’m not naïve about our problems – homelessness. Before arguing that taxes were lower in California than in Texas.”

More on this story via Fox News:

Fox News has reached out to Newsom’s office for further comment.

Long-term migration out of California proliferated during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a study from the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. The study concluded that Texas was a top destination for people leaving the state, followed by Washington and Florida.

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