Sharon Osbourne Says She Was Ousted From ‘The Talk’ After Privately Slamming Not ‘Genuine’ Oprah Royals Interview

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Sharon Osborne says she was let go from CBS’s “The Talk” after negative comments about Prince Harry and Megan Markle’s interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Osborne said she left the show because she supported Piers Morgan’s comments about Markle and her negative comments about the Winfrey broadcast.

Osborne felt the interview with Oprah was not “genuine,” and the Winfrey broadcast was “s***.”

The top CBS executives praised the Oprah interview and did not like it when Osborne disagreed.

“They [CBS executives] were initially pissed with me because I was saying the [Oprah broadcast] was s***,” Osbourne said.

“Just to people at the studio. I didn’t feel it was genuine. I had supported Piers [in defense of his] freedom of speech because he’s a journalist,” Osborne continued.

“I think they were pissed off with me, and then when I supported Piers, it was like, ‘Oh god!'” said Osborne.

“And then they were trying to make an issue, but by doing it very cleverly by accusing me, because I’d supported Piers, I must be a racist because he was racist because he had attacked Meghan,” Osborne concluded.

More on this story via Daily Wire:

In 2021, Osbourne and her former co-host Sheryl Underwood got in a heated exchange. Osbourne had voiced support for pal Morgan, who commented about Markle’s Winfrey interview where she accused the royal family of racism.

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CBS previously said an investigation found no evidence that what happened on air between Osbourne and her co-hosts was initiated by any executives at the network, the outlet noted.

During an upcoming Fox Nation docuseries, “Sharon Osbourne: To Hell & Back,” the wife of rocker Ozzy Osbourne said she’s ready to move past what happened on the daytime show, the Daily Mail noted.

“I learned a lot through [getting canceled] but you are who you are,” Sharon explained. “I am not a racist … never said one racist thing. People are woke, it’s a whole different world out there. People conduct themselves differently now.”

“It’s scary when you can say one thing and it gets distorted or people don’t understand the context,” she added.

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