Conservatives Win Major Victory In Texas — Sweep 10 of 11 School Board Elections

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10 of 11 school board seats in Tarrant County were won by candidates backed by conservatives, according to the Texas Tribune.

The sweep indicates that residents want to completely remove alleged “critical race theory” from classrooms and remove books discussing LGBTQ issues with young children and without parental involvement.

Concerned parents have described the material as “pornographic.”

While critical race theory is discussed at the college level, many education experts argue that it should not be taught in elementary, middle or high school classrooms.

Across the country, parents have experienced instances of their children coming home from public school and spouting off about “whiteness” and other nonsensical left-wing action items.

While school boards and liberal administrators claim Critical Race Theory (CRT) isn’t being taught in school, the evidence witnessed by parents speaks for itself.

CRT is historical revisionism and academic fraud. The teachings have been widely condemned for promoting the organization of society along racial lines. It teaches the demonization of white people. It promotes lies and wrongfully creates division among races, critics say.

Liberals, such as left-wing Hollywood actor Will Smith, believe it should be pushed onto kids by being dubbed “Truth Theory.”

So how are these CRT teachings slipping into public schools if CRT is not a legitimate or approved field of study?

Best-selling author and math PhD James Lindsay, who openly opposes totalitarianism and supremacy of all kind, obtained screenshots from a Pennsylvania high school that shows how liberals are slipping CRT into schools.

The screenshots appear to show a simple math problem. However, there’s one catch: The math has “been retooled through the CRT machine.” Take a look:

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More on this story via Texas Tribune:

The victories also show that the staggering amounts of money that were poured into the once low-profile and nonpartisan local races are producing their intended effect. PACs organized by parents, as well as a newly formed PAC from a self-proclaimed Christian cellphone company, collectively raised over half a million dollars for the local races this year. They spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on top political consulting firms that bolstered an anti-CRT platform with flyers saying the candidates were “saving America.”

This year’s school board races across Texas, and notably in Tarrant County, have been hyperpoliticized as school board meetings have become the center of culture war debates over COVID safety policies, library book bans and discussions of racial issues and history. The school board races drew intense scrutiny from conservative parents and deep-pocketed donors. Even state GOP chair Matt Rinaldi weighed in.

Patriot Mobile, a Texas-based cellphone company that donates a portion of its customers’ phone bills to conservative, “Christian” causes, gave $500,000 to its own PAC, Patriot Mobile Action. The PAC spent about $390,000 on campaigns in the four Tarrant County districts, campaign reports filed in April show. The same filings showed the PAC had about $125,000 cash on hand as the May 7 election approached.

Patriot Mobile Action spent at least $38,500 in advertising and canvassing for each candidate from Mansfield, Grapevine-Colleyville and Keller school districts. All of those candidates were victorious Saturday night.