Abbott Sends Direct Message to Mayors of DC and NYC: ‘Come See the Border Crisis Firsthand the Dire Situation’

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Don’t mess with Texas!

Republican Governor Greg Abbott has formally invited New York City Mayor Eric Adams and Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser to come and see the border crisis firsthand.

The crisis at the southern border has plagued the state since Joe Biden and the Democrats took power in D.C.

“As Governor, I invite you to visit our border region to see firsthand the dire situation that only grows more urgent with each passing day, and to meet with the local officials, who like yourselves, realize this matter deserves immediate federal action,” Abbott explained.

“I also ask you to join me in requesting President Biden secure the border and put an end to this disastrous crisis.”

Both mayors have called for federal support to help their respective cities to deal with the influx of migrants, who have been transported by Border Patrol after illegally crossing the border.

Abbott said, “As law enforcement agents along the Texas-Mexico border respond to thousands of illegal crossings each and every day, putting their lives on the line for Texans and for all Americans, the crisis demands the attention of not only the Biden Administration, which is responsible for securing the border, but of leaders across the country.”

“Your recent interest in this historic and preventable crisis is a welcome development—especially as the President and his Administration have shown no remorse for their actions nor desire to address the situation themselves.”

“I look forward to welcoming you the Texas-Mexico border so that you can see this crisis for yourself. Please contact my office to make travel arrangements for your visits,” Abbott concluded.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said it’s “shameful” that illegal immigrants have been transported from Republican-controlled states like Arizona and Texas to Democrat-run cities like New York City and Washington, D.C.

Jean-Pierre said, “We believe it’s shameful that — that some governors are using migrants as a political tool, as a political play, when we should be making sure that we’re doing everything that we can to help — to help folks who are coming into this process in a legal way and making sure that, you know, we do this in a — in a safe — in a safe way and a respectful way.”

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“And I think it’s shameful that that is happening,” Jean-Pierre added.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams said the transportation of illegal aliens to NYC is a “real burden on New Yorkers.”

Adams said, “As I stated, we already have an overburdened shelter system. So now we’re talking about, as you stated, food, clothing, schools.” Watch the clip below:

“This is going to impact our schools because we do not turn away individuals because they’re undocumented, need translation services,” Adams continued.

“There’s just a whole host of things that this is going to produce. And that’s why we need help in getting this done and we need to write coordination to make it happen.”

More on this story via Daily Wire:

The border crisis has erupted under Biden’s leadership as U.S. Customs and Border Protection has recorded over two million encounters with illegal immigrants so far in fiscal year 2022. That’s the highest number ever recorded by the agency in one year, and the fiscal year still has over two months remaining.

The crisis has hit Republican-led border states like Texas and Arizona hard. Earlier this month, four Texas counties made an emergency invasion declaration over the border crisis. Arizona saw a staggering 579% jump in illegal immigrant encounters last year.

Florida also dealt with Biden’s Border Crisis when officials allegedly sent 70 planes of migrants to Jacksonville during the middle of the night last year. Republican Governor Ron DeSantis took steps last month to address the crisis and signed a bill forcing state agencies to work with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and enforce immigration laws.

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