Kamala Harris Mocked After Introducing Herself With Her Pronouns

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Social media erupted after Kamala Harris introduced herself by identifying her pronouns.

“Good afternoon,” Harris began. “I want to welcome these leaders for coming in to have this very important discussion about some of the most pressing issues of our time.”

“I am Kamala Harris,” she said. “My pronouns are ‘she’ and ‘her,’ and I’m a woman sitting at the table wearing a blue suit.”

Republican Senator Ted Cruz responded mockingly, “But what is a woman?”

Richard Grenell, former Acting Director of National Intelligence, said, “I blame the California media for this weakness. Identity politics is unAmerican.” Watch the clip below:

Here are some of the responses via Daily Wire:

Harmeet Dhillon, attorney: “How does she know though….about the woman thing…. or the blue thing for that matter.”

Christopher Rufo, writer and activist: “It’s stunning to watch the language of gender ideology capture institution after institution, all the way to the Vice Presidency of the United States. This isn’t about pronouns; it’s about signaling and then setting the expectation for ideological submission.”

Monica Crowley, former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury: “We have an infantilized President due to dementia and an infantilized Vice President due to idiocy.”

Chad Gilmartin, adviser to Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA): “I’m noticing ‘competent’ is not part of Kamala Harris’ identity.”

Libs of TikTok: “The Vice President of the United States is now introducing herself with her preferred pronouns.”

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Dan McLaughlin, writer: “And they wonder why ordinary Americans think these people have lost their grip.”

Christina Sommers, writer and activist: “If she would repudiate woke inanities and move towards a commonsensical centrism, she would be embraced by a majority of Americans. Instead, she just digs in.”

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