‘No Way Back Into Hollywood’: Experts Say Amber Heard Is Looking At Career End And Bankruptcy

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If the experts are right, Amber Heard is very unlikely to be considered for roles going forward after a jury found her guilty of defaming her ex-husband Johnny Depp by publishing false information in The Washington Post.

“Experts have suggested that there is ‘no way back for Heard in Hollywood’” because her issues are “too icky for a studio,” The Daily Mail reported.

“Hollywood bosses are unlikely to consider her for roles going forward,” the Daily Mail explained about the 36-year-old.

“Financially, the actress and witnesses alluded to her money troubles, while the huge outpouring of support for Depp may lead to brands and companies avoiding her,” the Mail wrote.

After a six-week trial, Depp sued Heard for $50 million and effectively won $8.35 million.

Heard’s assets may come into play, experts added, which include a $570,000 hideaway in Yucca Valley and a Range Rover she received in the divorce.

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Then again, Heard reportedly has 30 years to pay off her debt, and there are some other scenarios in which she may not have to pay at all.

Depp, who said he “got his life back” because of the jury’s decision, could simply not demand payment. “He’s in the driver’s seat right now. For an individual who doesn’t have the ability to pay the judgment and no ability to post the bond, then there is a real issue if the winning party intends to execute the judgment,” Attorney Sandra Spurgeon of Spurgeon Law Group in Lexington, Kentucky, told the Mail.

Another option is paying the debt off little by little — whether she likes it or not. She could find her wages garnished, “meaning a portion of her salary from future films or TV shows could go to Depp until the debt is covered,” the Mail reported.

But Elaine Bredehoft, Heard’s lawyer, summed it all up.

“When asked if the ‘Aquaman’ actress would be able to pay the $10.4 million in damages to her Hollywood star ex, Bredehoft replied: ‘Oh, no, absolutely not,’” the New York Post reported.

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