One Simple Comment from Elon Musk Sends Shockwaves Through Twitter’s Workforce

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Elon Musk wrote one simple word to Twitter: “Exactly.” This immediately sent shockwaves through Twitter because Musk was responding to a video of billionaire investor Carl Icahn who fired 12 floors of employees during a company takeover in 1984 of ACF Industries, which manufactured railroad cars.

In the video, which is 8 minutes and well worth watching, Icahn explains how he visited 12 floors and couldn’t figure out “what the hell they were doing.” It was like “razzle-dazzle,” Icahn said. Employees couldn’t explain what work they do at the company and the company also wasn’t making any money.

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This comment by Musk indicates that he may push for Twitter to terminate employment for some of its employees. The left-wing workforce is accused of focusing their efforts on stifling free speech on the social platform, which prompted Musk to purchase over 9% of the company for nearly $3 billion.

Musk also recently suggested turning Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters into a homeless shelter because the workforce doesn’t show up there anyways. Billionaire Jeff Bezos responded to Musk in support of this idea.

In the video, Icahn says, “I go home, take a look at my yellow pad. I can’t figure out what the hell they do.”

“I’m not an idiot. I can’t figure out what the hell they do,” Icahn says.

Then the company hired a group of consultants from Columbia University to find out what the workers did. After spending three weeks and $250,000 on the consulting firm, they came back to Icahn and said, “We don’t know what they do either.”

Icahn proceeded to schedule a meeting with the company’s COO, who was based in a separate location. Icahn tells journalist Andrew Sorkin, “He was like a John Wayne character. He was a captain in the Marines, a tough guy. I was scared of him.”

Icahn told him, “I want to know how many of those guys in New York you need to support your operation here cause I honestly can’t figure out what they do.”

“He says, ‘I’ll tell you what you should do. You don’t have the balls to do what I’ll tell you to do. Get rid of all of ’em all tomorrow,'” Icahn says.

“I still was wondering, you know, maybe this guy Joe was a little crazy,” Icahn said. “How could I get rid of 12 floors of people?”

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“Got rid of the whole twelve floors,” Icahn said. “It was like out of a science fiction movie. They never existed.” Watch the video:

Musk apparently watched the clip and replied, “Exactly.” Here’s Musk’s tweet:

In December 2021, as Parag Agrawal took on his new role as CEO of Twitter, Musk responded with this tweet:

This meme of Agrawal was created using a historic image of Soviet communists Joseph Stalin and Nikolai Yezhov, who notoriously denied people basic freedoms.

Agrawal has openly admitted that Twitter is focusing “less on thinking about free speech, but thinking about how the times have changed.”

Agrawal has admitted the company is “not to be bound by the First Amendment,” adding that free speech is de-prioritized in favor of ensuring “a healthier public conversation.”

“Where our role is particularly emphasized is who can be heard,” Agrawal said. “And so increasingly our role is moving towards how we recommend content… how we direct people’s attention.”

Numerous left-wing Twitter employees have suffered meltdowns over Elon Musk.

Twitter engineering manager Jay Holler went on a tirade on the social media platform, according to The Post Millennial. At one point, he says Musk’s new appointment to Twitter’s Board has “radicalized” and “broken” him. Holler falsely attacks Musk as a “misogynist,” “sadistic,” and “transphobe.”

Musk promises “significant improvements” will be made soon as the left-wing platform has failed miserably to adhere to the basic principle of free speech.

It’s easy to see why the Left is outraged: They openly support censorship and oppose free speech.

Cassie Nick Rumbaugh, a data scientist at Twitter, is among the employees and contractors who are very upset. Rumbaugh calls Musk a “prominent transphobe,” and says his investment into Twitter “is not at all funny.”

“Looks like I picked a good week to be off,” Geri Kidd responded, who works as a recruiting manager for Twitter.

Gerard Taylor, a senior software engineer at Twitter, is also unhappy with Musk and concerned about the left-wing “company culture.”

Here’s a look at more examples from journalist Andy Ngô:

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