Disney Gets Bad News from Parents: ‘It Is Time to Void Your Household Of All Things Disney’

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Many parents have vowed to remove Disney from their homes as the left-wing company has publicly opposed Florida’s anti-grooming law to protect children.

Parents are beginning to remove Disney movies and the streaming service from their homes as well as stop going to its theme parks.

The law in Florida prevents teachers in Pre-K through third-grade from teaching about sexual and gender ideology without parent involvement. This impacts kids who are about eight years old or younger.

Liberals at Disney are furious because they apparently want young children taught about sexual and gender issues without parent involvement. Disney has publicly mocked the bill by falsely referring to it as the “Don’t Say Gay Bill.”

“It is time to void your household of all things Disney, Patti Garibay said, who is the executive director and founder of American Heritage Girls. This is a faith-focused alternative to the Girl Scouts.

“It has been said before and it bears saying again, ‘Walt would turn over in his grave’ to see what his beloved company has become,” Garibay continued, who is also an Ohio-based parent and grandparent.

“It’s no longer a safe haven for families to promote good over evil, but rather an environment without a moral compass,” she added.

Garibay also said, “Christians should wake up to the fact that this isn’t your grandmother’s Disney. In fact,” she said, “Disney is now devoted to confusing your children.”

Disney has doubled down on their own agenda to influence kid’s at a vulnerable age on complex issues involving sex and gender. The company has promised to make half its characters in children’s shows and movies either LGBTQ or minorities by the end of the year.

Disney has also announced major changes at its theme parks. Employees are banned from welcoming children using the terms “boys and girls” or “ladies and gentlemen,” which assumes there are only two biological sexes.

Disney Corporate President Karey Burke, who presents herself as an activist on behalf of her “two queer children,” says the company will soon have “many, many, many LGBTQIA characters” in each Disney story.

As a result of Disney’s public effort to mock Florida’s anti-grooming law, Governor Ron DeSantis says he is open to stripping Walt Disney Co. of its special self-governing status its Florida over its public opposition to the law. “Disney has alienated a lot of people now,” DeSantis told reporters.

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“And so the political influence they’re used to wielding, I think has dissipated. And so the question is, why would you want to have special privileges in the law at all?” The governor added: “And I don’t think that we should.”

DeSantis accused Disney of trying to “impose a woke ideology” on his state.

He said that Disney should be stopped because if left “unabated” it would “destroy” the country.

More on this story via NY Post:

In 1967, Florida created the Reedy Creek Improvement District, a semi-private, independent governing entity controlled by Disney. It gave the company the power to approve construction projects for its theme parks as well as build and manage the necessary infrastructure to support its operations.

The district was also empowered to levy its own taxes and then use the revenue to build public services and maintain roadways and bridges.

If the GOP-led state government repeals the law, Disney World and all of its properties would be regulated by Orange and Osceola counties in central Florida.

Disney was initially drawn to Florida in the mid-1960s due to the promise that the company could function as its own government.

“Over many, many decades…they’ve gotten incredible treatment from the Florida legislature and they are treated on a pedestal, this one corporation is treated differently than everybody else,” the Republican governor told Fox & Friends.

“That’s not something I’ve ever supported,” he said. “But now in the Legislature you see a movement to reevaluate those special privileges. And so at the end of the day, I think Disney has gotten over its skis on this.”

DeSantis said he differentiated between legitimate “policy disputes” and efforts to dictate “woke ideology.”

“There’s policy disputes and that’s fine, but when you’re trying to impose a woke ideology on our state, we view that as a significant threat,” he said. “This wokeness will destroy this country if we let it run unabated. So in Florida we take a very big stand against that.”

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