Dr. Oz on Trans Swimmer Who is Smashing Records: ‘We Have to Have Compassion’ But this ‘Takes Away’ Equality in Sports

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Audio has been obtained of Dr. Mehmet Oz, who is a Republican, commenting on a biological male who swims for the women’s team at the University of Pennsylvania.

The female teammates of the transgender collegiate swimmer Lia Thomas have spoken out in anger about the unfairness of the situation.

Lia competed for the Men’s Team for three years as Will Thomas before switching to the women’s swim team.

Lia is reportedly crushing women’s records in the NCAA.

Dr. Oz says it’s important that “we have to have compassion” for transgender adults, noting that the suicide rate has increased. Transgender adults struggle “to figure out if they want to keep living the lie.”

Dr. Oz says that “Feminists have very eloquently fought for the ability to have women’s sports be on equal [inaudible] as men’s sports.”

“This takes away that ability,” Oz said, suggesting that transgender athletes possess an unfair advantage in sports.

“I would argue that what I just said can’t be said – I definitely couldn’t have said it on [The Dr. Oz Show],” Oz explained.

“And you need to be able to say those things,” he concluded.

Here’s a transcript of Oz’s remarks:

“The transgender issue is kind of diluted a little bit,” Oz replied. “The suicide rate amongst transgender adults has grown [inaudible]. This is critical to understand. We have to have compassion on this problem. It is a devastating one. And transgender folks who are adults, when they are processing this, have to figure out if they wanna keep living the lie – they don’t think they’re who they are – or be who they truly are and are [inaudible] because of it. So that’s like the baseline”…

“But then you layer on top of that changes to our society that hurt other people in an effort to protect one group of people, and that’s not fair. That’s not fair,” he said, circling back to the topic of trans athletes.

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“Feminists have very eloquently fought for the ability to have women’s sports be on equal [inaudible] as men’s sports, and this takes away that ability,” he said, adding, “I would argue that what I just said can’t be said – I definitely couldn’t have said it on [The Dr. Oz Show] – and you need to be able to say those things.”

Lia recently won the 1650 race by 38 seconds over a teammate, which is unheard of in women’s swimming. This set a new record for Penn as well as the collegiate swimming overall.

Lia is expected to win the title at the NCAA Championships coming up in March.

While the UPenn swimming coach Mike Schnur appears to be excited about the record-breaking performances, some of Lia’s teammates strongly disagree.

Behind the scenes, one UPenn swim teammate told Outkick that most of the team has expressed significant dissatisfaction.

The female swimmer asked to remain anonymous for fear of liberals attacking her and destroying her life. “Pretty much everyone individually has spoken to our coaches about not liking this,” the teammate said.

“Our coach just really likes winning. He’s like most coaches. I think secretly everyone just knows it’s the wrong thing to do,” the teammate told Outkick. The teammate said public support for Thomas is “very fake.”

If anyone voices dissent, they will be bombarded by the left-wing attack machine and those aggressively working to push the transgender agenda.

The policy currently allows biological male athletes undergoing “testosterone suppression” for one year to compete on the women’s team. The NCAA’s policy on trans athletes fails to address how biological males can still hold an unfair advantage as a result of going through male puberty.

The NCAA’s policy is as follows: “A trans female treated with testosterone suppression medication may continue to compete on a men’s team but may not compete on a women’s team without changing it to a mixed team status until completing one year of testosterone suppression treatment,” the NCAA’s policy states.

“A trans male who has received a medical exemption for treatment with testosterone is no longer eligible to compete on a women’s team without changing that team status to a mixed team.”

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