Unhinged ‘View’ Host Lashes Out with Profane Message: ‘If You’re Not Vaccinated, Get The F**k Out Of My House’

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Anti-Trump Republican Ana Navarro-Cárdena, who was a co-host on ABC’s “The View” between 2013 to 2018, recently lashed out against people who are unvaccinated.

She calls people “stupid” and “selfish” for refusing to be vaccinated.

The message was intended to provide marketing for a provocative candle company called “That Gay Guy Candle Co.” The company pushes products that contain explicit messages.

Her statement in support of the company turned into an attack on those who are unvaccinated.

“I love @gayguycandleco’s products,” she began.

“Unless you have a LEGITIMATE medical reason, if you’re not vaccinated, I don’t want to see you, talk to you, work w/you, socialize w/you or know you,” she continued.

“It’s enough. Your ‘personal freedom’ is holding the rest of us hostage. It’s selfish and stupid,” Navarro-Cárdenas wrote.

She included an image of a candle bearing the message: “If you’re not vaccinated, get the f*** out of my house.”

Take a look:

Navarro-Cárdena, who claims to be a lifelong Republican who supported President Ronald Reagan, criticized President Donald Trump in the past for “downplaying the COVID virus.”

“There is something that really gets stuck in my craw and other people’s craw at the idea that people who have been enabling Donald Trump downplaying the COVID virus, calling it a hoax, who have attended, spoken at, encouraged, promoted, participated in so many of his reckless rallies where people have been packed like sardines and have spoken at these rallies knowing people are there maskless, who have attended super spreader events at the White House like we’ve seen so many people get infected with COVID at them,” Navarro said.

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