Tucker Carlson Drops the Hammer on Mitch McConnell, Calls Him ‘An Instrument Of The Left’ and the ‘Nastiest Old Woman in Town’

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Fox News’ Tucker Carlson exposed Mitch McConnell because McConnell simply doesn’t like President Donald Trump.

“Mitch McConnell is an instrument of the left,” Carlson said, adding that “everyone in Washington knows this.”

McConnell even played a role in getting a longtime GOP event planner named Tim Unes fired because he helped plan the peaceful portion of Jan 6th.

Carlson began, “Tim Unes is a Republican event planner in Washington. For 25 years he helped organize appearances for Senator Bob Dole and his wife Senator Elizabeth Dole.”

“He was close to the family. When Bob Dole died last week Unes was the obvious choice to manage the funeral and memorial service. He would’ve done that if Mitch McConnell had not gotten personally involved,” Carlson continued.

“Technically, Mitch McConnell is the Republican leader of the senate but in real life and everyone in Washington knows this, on the issues that matter, Mitch McConnell is an instrument of the left. McConnell knew that Tim Unes had helped organize Donald Trump’s political rally in Washington this January.”

“There is nothing illegal or immoral about doing that,” Carlson explained. “If anything is constitutionally protected behavior it is organizing a political rally. It is why we have the bill of rights.”

“But the partisan lunatics on the Jan 6th committee don’t acknowledge the bill of rights. They objected to this.”

“And then Mitch McConnell aggressively took their side as he has from the very beginning. So, McConnell then convinced the Dole family to cancel Tim Unes’ contract and disinvite him from the funeral.”

Carlson says McConnell’s actions will also ensure Unes has “no more corporate clients, no more business, more income for Time Unes.”

“So, even by Mitch McConnell’s usual standards of viciousness, in Washington, he is known as the nastiest old woman in town, this was an incredibly cruel thing to do.”

“It was crushing the weak on behalf of the strong and for no real reason. Only because he could and that he doesn’t like Trump.”

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Watch the clip:

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