White House Doctor Under Obama: ‘White House Is Doing Everything They Can To Hide Biden’s Obvious Cognitive Decline’

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The former White House physician under both Presidents Obama and Trump made a shocking revelation about the Biden White House while appearing on Newsmax.

Ronny Jackson, who now serves as a Republican congressman from Texas, described Joe Biden’s latest health report as “six pages of superficial fluff.”

Biden has avoided cognitive exams because he would “failed miserably,” Jackson explains.

He claims the Biden administration “didn’t do [cognitive exams] because they know, if they do it, you don’t ask questions that you don’t want the answers to.”

“Honestly, there were six pages of stuff that most people just don’t care about,” Jackson said.

“I mean, you know, Dr. O’Connor spent six pages addressing like an occasional cough and some stiffness and things like that when the elephant in the room was the president’s cognitive ability.”

“Over 50% of this country does not believe he’s cognitively fit to be our Commander in Chief and our head of state, yet that wasn’t addressed anywhere in there.”

“We set the precedent when we did President Trump’s physical. I did,” Jackson said.

“The far-Left and the mainstream media were relentless in their pursuit of me to do something to address not only his physical capabilities, but his mental capabilities, which we did — we did a cognitive test. As far as I’m concerned, we set the precedent. And he should have had one done as well.”

“If anyone needs a cognitive test, it’s this president that we have right now. And I was really surprised to see there wasn’t any mention of anything like that in there.”

Watch the clip:

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