President Trump: More Americans Would be Vaccinated If Not for Biden’s Coercive Mandates

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President Trump argues that more Americans would be vaccinated if Joe Biden did not implement his series of coercive mandates.

During an interview with Jason Rantz on KTTH, Trump said, “That’s why they don’t take the vaccine.”

“When I was president, they were all, everybody was lining up for the vaccine,” he continued.

“We were doing over a million people a day. And that was early,” Trump continued. “We would have had many times that number.”

“The lines were long and strong and everybody wanted, there was no talk about mandates or anything,” Trump said. “Everybody wanted it.”

“When [Joe Biden] came in, they started talking about mandates,” Trump explained.

“I think I am getting the credit for the vaccine,” Trump said. “I’m very proud of it.”

Trump has been vaccinated and he has encouraged his supporters to get vaccinated.

“I got it done in less than nine months,” Trump said about the vaccine. “It was supposed to take five years, and it wasn’t supposed to work actually.”

“They didn’t know if they could come up and not only that. Not only did I get it done, but I bought billions of dollars worth before we even had it. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have your shots yet.”

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President Donald Trump criticized his successor’s governance during an appearance on a Seattle radio station Thursday, accusing President Biden of eroding confidence in the vaccines developed in Operation Warp Speed through a series of coercive mandates and demands to take them…

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Trump also clarified that he’s “very proud” of the development of the vaccine during his tenure on the presidential throne, recommending taking the vaccine and stating he believes it’s saved many lives…

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