Biden’s Approval Rating Nosedives Amid Crises, New Poll Shows

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Americans aren’t being fooled by Joe Biden.

Biden’s failure to understand the movement of the Taliban and provide effective preparation with the Afghan government has had horrifying consequences.

New polls are beginning to show exactly how Americans feel about Democrats and the Biden administration.

First, new data from NBC News and the Wall Street Journal show only 46% of Independents approve of Biden, which is down from 61% in April.

In just over three months, Biden managed to nosedive by 15 percentage points.

More specifically, NBC notes that Independents disapprove of Biden on the economy, which has dropped form 60% to 45%, as well as on Covid-19, which has dropped from 81% to 52%.

But it gets worse for Biden…

A new CBS News and YouGov poll show “Americans no longer believe Biden to be competent, focused, or effective as president.”

Let’s repeat: Biden is no longer believed to be competent, focused, or effective as president.

Competency has dropped from 56% in April to 49% now.

Over the same time period, focused dropped from 56% to 48% and effectiveness dropped from 55% to 47%.

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A reporter recently confronted Biden during a press conference over a new CBS News poll that showed the majority of Americans no longer believe that he is competent in the job.

The reporter said, “A new poll out today shows Americans wanted to withdraw from Afghanistan, but they disapprove of the way you’ve handled it.”

“The poll also found that based in part on what’s transpired in the last week, a majority of Americans, and forgive me, I’m just the messenger, no longer consider you to be competent, focused, or effective in the job,” the reporter continued.

“I haven’t seen that poll,” Biden immediately said.

“It’s out there,” the reporter responded.

Biden responded by shaking his head in disagreement and laughing.

Watch the clip:

Despite Biden’s attempt to laugh it off, the fact is that a majority of Americans disapprove of Biden’s handling of U.S. military operations in Afghanistan, according to a new poll.

A survey found that 69 percent of polled Americans disapprove of Biden’s handling of the U.S.’s military presence in Afghanistan.

Only 23 percent approve of Biden’s handling. The survey was conducted by The Trafalgar Group and Convention of States Action.

In another poll, a majority of likely voters do not think President Joe Biden will even finish his term.

A majority of Americans also say Vice President Kamala Harris is unfit to replace him.

Rasmussen Reports explained, “Most voters believe it’s likely that President Joe Biden won’t finish out his term of office, and don’t think Vice President Kamala Harris is ready to step up to replace him.”

Only 43 percent of those surveyed said they thought Harris is qualified to become the country’s 47th president. Only 29 percent said Harris is very qualified.

A majority of 55 percent of respondents in the Rasmussen poll said Harris is not qualified to be president. 47 percent of them said she is not at all qualified.

Watch this clip from Fox News on Biden’s nosedive in the polls:


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