Buried Deep Inside Infrastructure Bill on Page 508 Is a Cruel Plan to Basically Make it Too Expensive to Drive a Car

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We found what Democrats buried deep inside the “infrastructure bill.”

Nick Short of the Claremont Institute discovered the item on Pages 508-519 of the bill.

Several Republicans who opposed the bill noted that they had not even received the full legislative text in order to know what’s inside. Therefore, they voted against it.

However, now we know that on pages 508 through 519, the legislation introduces a national per-mile motor vehicle user fee on a trial basis.

Short said, “Buried on page 508 of the 2,702 page infrastructure bill is a pilot program for a national motor vehicle per-mile user fee (MBUF) which is basically a long-term plan to make it too expensive to drive a car.”

Democrats, and even 17 Republicans who voted for the legislation, are apparently satisfied with shoving more financially destructive regulations on hard-working, middle-class Americans for the sake of some ambiguous “environmental impact.”

Here’s what this means via Western Journal:

The pilot program is set up “to test the design, acceptance, implementation, and financial sustainability of a national motor vehicle per-mile user fee, to address the need for additional revenue for surface transportation infrastructure and a national motor vehicle per-mile user fee” and “to provide recommendations relating to the adoption and implementation of a national motor vehicle per-mile user fee,” the bill says.

An article from The Lid Blog attached to Short’s tweet detailed the proposal even further, breaking down each component, from the program’s objectives to its proposal that “volunteers” from each state should discover different ways to collect data on miles driven by “both commercial and private vehicle operators.”

On Page 513, the proposal says that the “Secretary of the Treasury shall establish, on an annual basis, per-mile user fees for passenger motor vehicles, light trucks, and medium- and heavy-duty trucks”… In theory, these per-mile user fees would vary by vehicle contingent upon several factors, including — you guessed it — environmental impact.

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