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As we previously reported, Minnesota state Rep. John Thompson claimed that he was pulled over for “driving while black” and took advantage of the incident for a political rally.

However, the police officer’s body camera footage was released — blowing the story wide open and exposing Thompson as a liar and fraud. This story has gone viral and spread widely across social media.

Now, to make matters even worse, police reports have surfaced about Thompson that include disturbing allegations. The reports allege that Thompson beat, choked, verbally abused and exposed himself to women, in some cases in front of small children.

Thompson claims the allegations against him are false and “challenges the authenticity of the police reports.”

Given Thompson’s track record of lying about police and playing the victim, it’s worth taking a serious look at these horrifying allegations.

First, Thompson was pulled over during a routine traffic stop on July 4th. Fox News reported the police sergeant pulled the Democratic lawmaker over after seeing that he had no front license plate and was driving at a high speed. Then the officer discovered Thompson’s Wisconsin driver’s license was suspended for failure to pay child support.

Thompson subsequently used the incident for a political stunt.

Thompson said, “We’re still getting ‘driving while black’ tickets in this state and, in fact, in St. Paul. So let’s just call it what it is, right…I shouldn’t have to be profiled, so this is ridiculous. Oh, and by the way, it was a sergeant here in St. Paul, by the way. We promote bad behavior.”

Investigators have now uncovered a disturbing reported history of “particularly egregious domestic abuse involving several women,” Western Journal reports. Here’s more:

In two of these alleged cases, the now-lawmaker beat and then exposed himself to the women and their small children and demanded sexual contact…

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz and top leaders from the state’s Democratic and Republican parties are now calling for Democratic state Rep. John Thompson to step down as the alleged cases have been revealed.

Thompson’s attorney says his client denies the incidents ever took place.

Four separate police reports detail disturbingly similar cases of abuse against women and harmful behavior in front of young children.

These “gut-wrenching police reports” were discovered by KMSP-TV.

According to police reports viewed by the outlet, the incidents occurred between 2003 and 2009 in Wisconsin and Minnesota.

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In the first case, in 2003, Thompson was arrested after allegedly striking his girlfriend in the face in front of her 5-year-old daughter in a public parking lot in Superior, Wisconsin… Thompson later pled guilty “to a reduced charge of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.”

In 2004, he reportedly attacked the same woman at her home and attempted to choke her with a phone cord, beat her and threw her onto a table as she tried to call 911, breaking it… “I’ll choke you until you can’t breathe anymore,” he allegedly told her.

There’s more to the story: St. Paul police received a domestic violence in 2009 involving Thompson. He was allegedly fighting with two women over a cellphone he had received from “another girlfriend.” Thompson allegedly revealed himself to a woman and two small children, saying, “I’m the man, you can all s*** my d***,” which Thompson denies ever happened.

The latest alleged incident occurred in 2019 when police responded to an assault that KMSP noted involved “a different woman.” Reports said “the victim said she had been with Thompson for 11 years and they have two children together.”

Again, Thompson was accused of having exposed himself, in this case telling the woman to “kiss the tip.” This reportedly happened “in front of relatives and children.”

Thompson has maintained his innocence in response to these allegations. Thompson’s wife she doesn’t recall making accusations against her husband and was never a victim of any such attack.

Charges were not always filed for each incident despite the concerning allegations in the police reports.