It’s Official: Red State Establishes That Cities That Defund Law Enforcement Will In Turn Be Defunded

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Texas Governor Greg Abbott will not allow cities to defund the police and claims that cities that do so will be defunded, according to The Western Journal.

Abbot said that if cities defund the police, “We are going to defund the city.”

“Unfortunately, we had the same thing happen here in the state of Texas, where the city of Austin defunded police,” Abbott said.

“Which is why you saw that tragic situation reported in Austin, Texas.”

“This is what defunding the police looks like,” Abbott stated.

“Because Austin defunded police, we wanted to do two things in this session,” Abbott said.

“One, we wanted to make sure that there were going to be consequences for the city of Austin.”

“The second is we wanted to make sure that no other city in the state of Texas would defund police.”

“A LOT of residents in the City of Austin will soon have the chance to de-annex from their over-taxing, over-regulating, do-nothing-about-the-homeless city,” Abbott said on Twitter.

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“In Texas, we don’t defund or disrespect our police,” Abbott tweeted.

More from The Western Journal:

Abbott also vowed to sign House Bill 1900 into law.

The reason for the delay? The police department is “in dire straits on staffing,” according to Austin Police Association president Ken Casaday.

Austin voted to defund its police department by $150 million last year.

Abbot compared the recent tragedy to the skyrocketing homicide rates in cities such as Portland, New York and Los Angeles, where diminished police forces have struggled against a rising tide of violent crime.

The bill effectively prevents cities from defunding municipal police agencies by drying up resources.

This would be done by prohibiting cities that defund police from annexing more territory, allowing residents of those cities to disannex themselves and ensuring that the cities pay for any state police assistance they require in order to shore up their law enforcement.

Abbott’s vision is setting him apart as a leader of the GOP.

If a progressive city chooses to place its citizens in danger by defunding the police, it should be cut off from the hand that feeds it. Plain and simple.

As for citizens freely disannexing themselves from such cities, Abbott said that citizens should have the right to choose to leave cities that take and take and give nothing in return.

There are, no doubt, times when police budgets need to be negotiated. But there is rarely, if ever, cause to defund municipal police departments outright.

On this note, Abbott could not have been more clear.

It has been a crazy year for all of us. But it has been a downright dangerous one for police officers across the nation. They deserve our support, and they earn it daily.

We ought to encourage our leaders to follow Abbott’s example and back the men and women in blue.