Trump Drops Big 2024 Statement During Appearance On Bongino Radio Premiere

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Dan Bongino Sparked his new radio program with an exclusive interview with former POTUS Donald J. Trump, according to The Western Journal.

Bongino inquired whether or not Trump will be running for president again in 2024.

“The Dan Bongino Show” took Rush Limbaugh’s time slot on the air.

“There’s no replacing Rush, OK? None. It’s never ever gonna happen,” Bongino stated.

“But, me being in that time slot, I really hope to do some honor to his legacy,” Bongino added.

Like Limbaugh, Bongino also faced Lymphoma.

Bongino is an ex-Secret Service Agent and also worked as a New York City Police officer.

When asked whether or not he would run for president again in 2024, Trump tantalized listeners.

Bongino asked, “I have to ask, where are we with 2024? We need you. We need you big time.”

“You thinking about it? Are you leaning one way? We’d love to hear it.”

To Which Trump’s response was, ““We are going to make you very happy. And we’re going to do what’s right.”

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“And we’ve done a great job for the country — rebuilt our military, and had the greatest economy ever.”

“Is there something the government is not telling us about this UFO thing?” Bongino inquired.

Trump seemed to swerve the question with an indirect answer saying that he is “maybe not such a believer.”

From The Western Journal:

He has become well known for his outspoken podcast commentaries, even attracting the attention of Trump.

In an interview that aired Monday, Trump teased listeners concerning another presidential run.

Among other topics addressed in the program, Bongino asked Trump about recent reports concerning UFOs.

The new program airs on the Westwood One audio network.

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