The Johnson & Johnson Vaccine: Four Vaccination Station Sites Temporarily Closed Down Due To Alleged Adverse Reactions

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A fourth vaccination site has now been closed due to harmful reactions to the vaccination, according to Fox News.

The fourth site to close down is located in Cummings, Georgia.

It was said that at least eight individuals were experiencing lightheadedness after receiving their Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

Health officials suggest that it’s possible that the reactions could simply be from the hot weather.

Dave Palmer said that “It was a fainting issue,’

“We don’t think it’s anything to do with the vaccine. It’s probably more environmental factors,” Palmer continued.

“That facility is hard to cool, and we do have fans there, but it was a warmer day.”

“I think the heat may have had some bearing on it. We’re not sure.”

From Fox News:

Adverse reactions were incurred by less than 2% of the 435 people who received the vaccine at the site, the report said.

The Johnson & Johnson vaccine was also halted in the past week at sites in Colorado, North Carolina and Iowa.