Daily Caller editorial director Vince Coglianese questioned why Pfizer only announced success with the coronavirus vaccine just after the election, telling Americans to “do the math,” according to the Daily Caller.

During a segment on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” he said, “They put in a never before seen 60-day safety period to ensure the safety of the vaccine.”

“They don’t do that in any other vaccine. This is the very first time it was done. It was announced just two months before the election. You do the math.”

“There’s no question the pharmaceutical industry does have a political incentive to throw Donald Trump out of office … They’re really angry at him.”

“They think that we’re going to lose a lot of money if he stays in office so there’s a lot of incentive there and the political acts I think of been pretty clear here.”

“Pfizer, if you check their political donations as … very clearly donated more to Joe Biden than they did to Donald Trump,” he said.

“That’s right, you and I are paying a lot of money for Pfizer to develop this vaccine, so they lied about that because … [and] the effect of it was … not to give a win to Donald Trump.”

“And the fact is, as you noted, they could have released data on this in October and instead — when did they release it?”

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“The first full business day after the media declared victory for Joe Biden.”

From The Daily Caller:

The radio host also questioned the role of the FDA in the timing of the vaccine announcement. “I think the FDA has a lot to answer for here as well. They are supposed to regulate Pfizer. Not be in bed with Pfizer.”

Big Pharma contributed more than $6 million to Biden in election contributions while providing just over $1.5 million to Trump.

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Pfizer has denied that politics has played any part in the timing of the announcement as host Tucker Carlson noted before the interview.