Tim Allen trolled progressives with a 172-year-old quote on Marxism, according to Fox News.

“Finally an honest progressive position: ‘…short-term demands among them a progressive income tax; abolition of inheritances and private property; abolition of child labor; free public education; nationalization of the means of transport,’” Allen tweeted.

“Guess who wrote this.”

“Carl Marx. Communist manifesto. Wikipedia.”

More from Fox News:


The TV star’s smash hit comedy “Last Man Standing” will end after its upcoming ninth season.

FOX confirmed the news last month that Season 9, which is set to premiere in January, will be the final outing for the Baxter family after the network snatched the show up from ABC for the final three seasons.

The show follows the exploits of successful family-man Mike Baxter (Allen) as he navigates life as a particularly macho man who is also a married father of three adult daughters.

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