During D.C.’s “MAGA Million March,” a suspect lit off a round of fireworks on Trump supporters dining at a local restaurant, according to Fox News.

The incident occurred amid a hostile confrontation between Trump supporters and an opposing crowd.

The video shows a slew of people scrambling to safety following the fireworks.

26-year-old Javien Michael Dawson has been arrested in connection to the fireworks.

Dawson has been charged with assault with a dangerous weapon.

More from Fox News:

It was one of more than 20 arrests that have taken place in response to the violence that ensued hours after tens of thousands of Trump supporters gathered in Washington Saturday to echo the president’s claims of voter fraud and urged him not to concede to President-elect Joe Biden.

Among those arrested, six were charged with weapons offenses – four of whom were carrying guns with a permit, and two who were charged with assaulting a police officer, the New York Post reported. Others were charged with assault, theft, or disorderly conduct.