Keith Olbermann slammed President Trump’s handling of the coronavirus, according to Town Hall.

Olbermann claimed that President Trump should be charged with 220,000 murders as a result of COVID-19.

“We’re all tired but mostly I’m tired of the needless sickness and the needless death and the needless terror because this mentally incompetent, inhumane, dumb bastard has lied about this disease in a thousand different ways, a different way for every political need he has sensed,” he said.

“And I’m tired of the thought that we are now going to repeat the months of March and April in the country, a country that should have learned something!”

“But which, in large part, has been authorized to wallow and die in its own stupidity because of one man, one dumb bastard, one selfish son of a b**ch.”

“Donald Trump should be on trial for 220,000 murders, death penalty for each count,” Olbermann said.

From Town Hall:

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President Trump isn’t responsible for the coronavirus coming to the United States. China is single-handedly responsible for that. Instead of alerting the World Health Organization and the rest of the world, they did their best to cover up the virus. When Taiwan tried to alert the WHO via email, they were shunned. When President Trump halted flights from China in early January, everyone said the move was wrong. Now it’s credited as one of the most important – if not the very most important – decision that’s been made throughout this pandemic.

In case you need a reminder, here’s a timeline of what the Trump administration did to address COVID-19 from the very beginning, including the 15 days to slow the spread campaign, a timetable for a potential vaccine and free testing and paid sick leave for workers who contracted the virus.