Joy Behar claimed that President Trump and his administration deserve to be charged with “crimes against humanity” for their immigration policies, according to Fox News.

She also said that she will not “be a part of a country” that separates children from their parents.

“So last night, the thing that stood out for me was Joe Biden talking about those kids at the border,” Behar said. “I mean, is this the country we want? What kind of country do we want?”

“I, as an American, disavow all of it. I disavow this entire administration, Stephen Miller, Rod Rosenstein, Jeff Sessions and Donald Trump need to be brought up on charges for crimes against humanity… this is a crime against humanity,” Behar said. “I will not stay in a country, or be a part of a country that does something like that to children. It’s outrageous.”

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Conservatives have said that allowed those immigrants to miss their court dates and disappear into the country. Biden meanwhile attacked Trump on the current administration’s family separation policy which, before it ended in 2018, was highly controversial.

“Parents … kids were ripped from their arms and they were separated … those kids are alone, nowhere to go,” Biden said of the policy.