Celebrities took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the presidential debate, according to Fox News.

“CUT HIS MIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” suggested actress Debra Messing.

“‘They have forfeited their right to re-election,'” he quoted. “YUP.”

“Shut him uuuuuuppppppppp,” wrote actress Natasha Rothwell.

“#mikepence is a mealymouthed loyalist,” said Bette Midler, a vocal critic of the Trump administration. “This administration did nothing to help people get through this pandemic, NOTHING. He should hang his head in shame. I hope this follows him forever.”

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Alyssa Milano chimed in as well, saying, “Pence lies with a smile. He’s a disgrace. Part of being a great leader is being an honest person. Kamala Harris is an honest person. She’s ready to lead on day one.”

“Mike Pense [sic] wants to compare catastrophes – with Obama?” John Cucask tweeted

“Hearing @KamalaHarris and her story was great. What an incredible journey she’s had,” wrote Uzo Aduba. “Felt like an honest share on where she and @JoeBiden found connection in their public service.”

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“Is it my imagination or has Kamala Harris absolutely dodged every single question she’s been asked?” asked James Woods.

More from Fox News:

In reference to Harris’ comments on Trump’s tax controversy, “Avengers: Endgame” star Mark Ruffalo said, “Who does Trump owe money too???”

The evening also marks a moment in history, as Harris is the first Black and South Asian woman to take to the debate stage as a vice-presidential candidate.

Notably, the debate, which was held at the University of Utah, also included Plexiglass barriers and a fair amount of distance between Pence and Harris following a coronavirus breakout in the White House that ultimately worked its way to Trump and first lady Melania Trump.

Trump and Biden will face off on Oct. 15 in Miami. The president returned to the White House after a stint at Walter Reed Medical Center while battling the novel virus, and said Tuesday he was “looking forward” to debating Biden next week.

A final debate is scheduled for Oct. 22 in Nashville, Tennessee.