BREAKING: Polls Claim President Trump In Danger Of Losing Two Key Battleground States

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Fox News reports that a new public opinion poll reveals that Trump is at risk of losing two key battleground states to Joe Biden.

The New York Times surveys conducted by Siena College reveal that Joe Biden is leading 48%-40% in Michigan.

Additionally, he is beating Trump 51%-41% among likely voters in Wisconsin.

“The enthusiasm in the states are very real,” senior adviser Corey Lewandowski said.

“We feel very good with our polling numbers.”

More from Fox News:

The two states – along with Pennsylvania – had been carried by Democrats in presidential elections for a quarter century until four years ago, when Trump narrowly edged 2016 Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton to win all three states, helping him secure the White House.

Trump carried all three states in 2016 thanks in part to a strong showing among White voters without college degrees. But the new surveys indicate that he’s not matching his support from four years ago, with Biden topping the president by 8 points among White voters in Wisconsin and trailing Trump by just one point among White voters in Michigan.

An average of the most recent surveys compiled by Real Clear Politics indicates Biden leading Trump by 7 points in Michigan and 6.3 points in Wisconsin.

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