Hollywood Actor Kevin Costner: Trump ‘Spits on 200 Years of Freedom’

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Actor Kevin Costner accused President Trump of being a “criminal” for his refusal to provide additional billions in funding to the United States Postal Service (USPS), according to Breitbart News.

During an interview with the Daily Beast, Costner revealed his thought on the matter.

“It’s terrible. It’s terrible,” Costner said of Trump.

“Nothing is surreal. Everything is highly real, and it’s dangerous. And it’s shameful.”

The Dances with Wolves actor claimed:

“History will judge you. When you look back at [Joseph] McCarthy, when you look back at black-and-white footage and see people who were beating on those who were marching for freedom, you don’t want to be that person. And there’s a lot of people where, when you look back ten years, they’re going to see themselves.”

“What you have to try to lean on is that every four years we get to decide whether we’re going in the right direction or we’re not. And we now, because of the way the country is set up, which is beautiful, we have that opportunity. And anyone who would interfere with that process in a deliberate way to have an outcome, that’s criminal.”

“And it spits on 200 years of freedom.”

“Despite being a committed Democratic activist, Costner has not always been fully on board with the tactics of the progressive left. In 2014, he outlined his disapproval at the weaponization of racism following the death of New York’s Eric Garner following altercations with the police.”

“What I think happens is a lot of times a conversation gets stopped dead in its tracks because if somebody thinks they are losing, race comes up even if the word has no place in the discussion,” Costner said at the time. “It trumps the point someone is trying to make, or what they are trying to talk about and it has no place there.”

More from Breitbart News:

Costner, providing no evidence, slammed the president’s refusal to provide additional funding to the USPS for mail-in voting over concerns that it will lead to more cases of voter fraud.

The 65-year-old, who campaigned for South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg in the race for the 2020 presidential nomination, went on to accuse Trump of breaking the law and undermining democracy but, again, did not specify what law he is actually breaking.

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