Is He Ok? Biden Finally Emerges from Basement for ‘Interview’, it Doesn’t Go Well

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Former Vice President Joe Biden recently emerged for an interview with rapper ‘Cardi B’ and misstated how many grandchildren he has, according to Breitbart News.

During the introductory portion of the interview, Biden and Cardi B talked about their families and how difficult it could be to stick to a schedule of events while raising small children.

“You’re telling me? I’ve got four kids, five grandchildren — c’mon, I’m an expert,” the former vice president said. “I understand about kids, the most important thing [is] they come first.”

It appears the interview didn’t go as planned as it circulates social media due to this mistake on Biden’s part.

Red State commetns, “You know what people who are totally healthy and have full control of their mental faculties don’t do? They don’t repeatedly forget how many grandchildren they have.”

The article added, “Joe Biden did just that yet again in his recent ‘interview’ with Cardi B. Yes, he accepted an interview with someone who sings about the secretions of her nether regions while refusing to talk to Chris Wallace or Johnathan Swan. It’s almost like he’s just avoiding accountability at all costs, right?”

In April, the former vice president also allegedly forgot how many grandchildren he had during an interview and also forgot what genders they are, according to Red State.

Watch the clip for yourself:

Breitbart reports:

The number of grandchildren he cited, though, is inaccurate. The Bidens, in fact, have seven grandchildren in total. Two are from their late-son Beau’s marriage to Hallie Olivere, while five are from their son Hunter’s various relationships.

The fifth and youngest of Hunter’s children, a boy, was born on March 28 of this year to Melissa Cohen, a South African filmmaker. The couple, who reside in a $12,000-per-month rental in the Hollywood hills, wed in May 2019 after knowing each other for less than a week.

Hunter, whose work in Ukraine was central to the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump, also has an 18-month-old child with Lunden Roberts, an Arkansas native and one-time stripper. The child’s existence was revealed last year when Roberts filed a paternity suit against Hunter in Arkansas civil court. The lawsuit, which came around the same time as Hunter’s marriage to Cohen, quickly made headlines after it emerged that Roberts had gotten to know the younger Biden while working at a Washington, D.C.-based gentleman’s club.

Although he initially denied paternity, a DNA test proved that Hunter was the child’s father. After that major revelation, the lawsuit was settled, with Hunter agreeing to pay a monthly undisclosed amount for child support, as well as providing healthcare for the baby.

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More from Red State:

As I said when he previously did this, there are two possible explanations here. Either Biden is so far gone mentally that he legitimately can not remember his own grandchildren when asked about them, or he’s playing some game where he doesn’t want to openly claim his son Hunter’s child with a stripper from Arkansas. The latter would be a pretty horrific thing to do, so I tend to think it’s the former. When someone is in the early stages of dementia, as Biden appears to be in, forgetting certain family members and mixing up numbers is a pretty common thing.

Trump has grandchildren. He’s never once forgotten how many he has when asked about it, nor is seven such a large number that Biden could not be reasonably expected to know off hand that information. If he had 22 grandchildren or some similarly high amount, then maybe you cut him some slack, but seven? And it’s not like he’s only off by one here. He’s off by two. I mean, come on.

This is not normal and we shouldn’t treat it as normal. This is a guy who wants to be President of the United States and he can’t even remember all of his grandchildren, much less be sharp enough to take on China or God forbid sit down for an interview with a real journalist.