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Health officials in Oregon traced a coronavirus outbreak to an In-N-Out Burger location, which has been added to the list of workplaces to experience COVID-19 outbreaks over the past month after five cases were linked to the restaurant, according to Fox News.

Health officials began to investigate cases linked to the Keizer, Oregon with the most recent case connected to the restaurant identified on July 29, according to the Oregon Health Authority.

As Fox News reported, “Eight deaths were associated with the workplace outbreaks, but officials didn’t specify which workplaces in order to protect patient privacy.”

“Workers of a business with a workplace outbreak should never be subjected to discrimination or excluded from patronizing other businesses,” the report states. “In fact, discriminating against workers or avoiding products might jeopardize the economic viability of essential local businesses.”

Authorities have reportedly found more than 80 workplaces in the state of Oregon with active outbreaks.

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The various businesses include several other fast-food eateries, retail stores, manufacturers, a U.S. Postal Service facility and a Portland strip club.

Oregon has seen more than 22,000 coronavirus cases and 383 deaths so far, according to state data. The number of new cases rose fairly steadily from a low in mid-May to a high of 457 new cases on a single day in early July. The state saw eight new deaths and 294 new cases Wednesday.

Health officials are working with workplaces to isolate sick workers and test and quarantine anyone who may have been exposed to them, according to the outbreak report.