Cuba Gooding Jr. Shows Up To Manhattan Courthouse For Sex Abuse Case Hearing, Wears ‘Black Lives Matter’ Mask

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Cuba Gooding Jr. arrived at a Manhattan courthouse to attend his sexual assault case, wearing a Black Lives Matter face covering, according to Fox News.

The Oscar-winning actor stopped to let reporters take a photo of his mask.

According to reports, several women have come forward with allegations of sexual assault.

A 29-year-old woman says he placed his hand on her breast, squeezing it without her consent, at a hotel near Times Square. He was allegedly intoxicated at the time.

One alleged groping incident reportedly took place at a bar in New York City in June 2019.

Two additional women came forward with accusations against Gooding.

Gooding Jr. has been charged with six misdemeanor counts of sexual abuse and forcible touching by three female accusers.

If convicted, he faces up to a year in prison.

Natasha Ashworth, a Tao Downtown server claimed the actor pinched her butt in October 2018 and another woman alleged she was forced into “sexual contact without consent” at LAVO Nightclub in NYC in September 2018.

More from Fox News:

The state court hearing centered on procedural issues over just how far the defense will be allowed to delve into the personal lives of three women who have accused Gooding of groping them at Manhattan bars in 2018 and 2019. Judge Curtis Farber set some limitations at the request of prosecutors but also indicated other disputes would have to be settled as the case unfolds at trial expected later this year.

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Gooding had been scheduled to go on trial in April, but it was put off as infections surged in New York.

Gooding has denied the charges. His defense attorney, Mark Heller, previously called the allegations “incredulous” and assailed the prosecution as a waste of taxpayer dollars.