The Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee are “crazy” and need to be voted out, President Trump said on Twitter.

The tweet was posted early on Wednesday morning, the day after Attorney General William Barr testified before the committee.

In the tweet, Trump shared an edited “supercut” video of the hearing. The edit showed the various times Democrats reclaimed their time for questioning, cutting off or otherwise preventing Barr from answering their questions.

“Vote these people out. They are CRAZY!” Trump tweeted.

Shortly after the hearing, many people flocked to social media to comment on it.

Many people described it as a liberal circus or a “sham.” Several others described the Democratic members’ despicable behavior as a “national disgrace.” Some said it looked as if they were the ones testifying, not Barr.

Various videos of the committee hearing showed it was ironically Barr that was doing most of the hearing and less of the testifying.

Fox News reports:

The coverage of Attorney General William Barr’s Tuesday hearing before the House Judiciary Committee further proved that biased actors in the mainstream media are mirroring the attitude and actions of anti-Trump Democratic lawmakers, The Hill’s Joe Concha said Wednesday.

In an interview on “Fox & Friends,” the media reporter agreed that Barr seemed like a “bystander” during portions of the hearing due to Democrats’ aggressive demeanor.

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Concha said that the liberal media is trying to cover for Democrats amid nationwide demonstrations, noting that “Bill Barr was right” to point out that they “are violent.”

Concha told host Steve Doocy that, for the most part, Americans are “seeing violence on our screens every night” and that “the pictures tell the whole story” as Democrats “deny it to Bill Barr’s face.”

He believes violence and Antifa involvement “should be the number one news story right now” instead of a “bias of omission.”

Here’s how some people responded online: