Joe Biden will publically announce his running mate this weekend or early next week, but leaks have indicated that he is expected to select Democratic Senator Kamala Harris.

Harris, who ran for the presidency this year, has remained on Biden’s shortlist for several months. Even while the two were running against each other, the former vice president indicated that he held Harris in high regard and would at least be considering her.

Fast-forward several months and Biden will likely choose her to join him to take on President Trump and Vice President Pence.

During a segment on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” the host described this choice as Biden’s “most consequential” one ahead of the November election.

“The wrap on Harris in exit polls is that she’s a fraud,” Carlson said via the Washington Examiner, challenging her previously held positions on some progressive policies. “She doesn’t really believe in anything, she’ll say whatever it takes. Of course, that is also Harris’s primary strength.”

The Washington Examiner adds:

Carlson also brought up an incident in which anti-abortion activist David Daleiden filed a lawsuit against Harris, alleging she and California Attorney General Xavier Becerra conspired with Planned Parenthood to terminate an investigation he was conducting into the fetal-tissue business. Daleiden accused Harris and Becerra of violating his First Amendment rights and abusing the state’s two-party recording law to silence “disfavored speech.”

“I think what we can conclude from this episode is that Kamala Harris, or any politician willing to use law enforcement to stop journalism she doesn’t like, probably doesn’t care too much about civil liberties or equality under the law, and indeed, she doesn’t,” Carlson said.

Carlson said one thing Harris has going for her—that will also help Biden—is that the media loves her. She was praised when she challenged Biden on the campaign trail and is still held in high regard.

“Harris is a product of the same highly credentialed yet deeply unimpressive world that spawned much of our media,” he said per the report. “Needless to say, they love her. She’s one of them.”