President Trump shared a gloomy and uncertain fate for the coronavirus pandemic on Thursday, saying the number of cases and deaths will go up “before it gets better.”

Trump, who has remained optimistic through the coronavirus pandemic—from saying initial cases would disappear within days to possibly having a vaccine by the end of the year—said it will “probably, unfortunately, get worse before it gets better,” Axios reports

“It’s something I don’t like saying about things, but that’s the way it is,” he added.

Axios reports Trump remains confident the country will defeat the coronavirus, but his tone shift comes as California, Florida, and Texas are all seeing spikes in confirmed coronavirus cases.

Just last week, Trump said the United States was dealing with the “embers” of the coronavirus. When asked about his previous comments, Trump said these “embers” have turned into “big fires.”

“We have embers and fires and we have big fires and unfortunately now, Florida is a little tough or in a big tough position. You have a great governor there, great governor in Texas,” he continued. “People that are very, very skilled people and I think they’re going to handle it very well. Their hospital capacities are holding up. Texas is a big state and it’s very well-run and so is Florida and I think they’ll do a very good job.”

NBC News reports Trump also canceled his upcoming convention in Jacksonville, Florida, amid these spikes.

“I told my team it’s time to cancel the Jacksonville, Florida, component of the GOP convention. We will be starting in North Carolina for the Monday, as has always been planned. We were never taking that off,” Trump said during a press conference at the White House on Thursday.

The president said it was “not the right time” to hold such an event and that he had “to protect the American people.”