The United States exceeded 1,000 daily deaths to the coronavirus for the first time since May as some states are seeing spikes in their own coronavirus reporting.

The 1,029 deaths on Tuesday were the highest daily count since the daily death count neared 3,000 on May 29.

The number of people currently hospitalized to the coronavirus is also nearing nationwide highs in April and May. The 62,749 daily number of cases is the highest it has ever been.

“Our daily update is published. States reported 63k new cases, about the same number as last Tuesday,” the COVID Tracking Project tweeted on Tuesday. “They also recorded more than 1,000 deaths for the first time since May 29th. Today’s number of currently hospitalized (59k) COVID-19 patients is the third-highest in our data.”

Axios reports:

Why it matters: Deaths from COVID-19 had slowed after months of lockdowns, but they’re starting to tick back up again as new infections and hospitalizations continue to surge across the country.

  • The daily death toll often fluctuates and reporting can lag over the weekend.
  • However, the U.S. reported over 900 deaths several times last week as ICU units in Texas, Florida and other hotspots reached capacity.

By the numbers: The U.S. on Tuesday reported 63,000 new cases and 59,000 hospitalizations — the third-highest total number of hospitalizations in the COVID-19 Tracking Project’s data set.