Fox News reported that one of Heather Locklear’s former co-stars, James Naughton, surprised her with the way he felt her breast while filming a scene for “First Wives Club”, but that the “gross” experience was unfortunately part of the script.

Locklear appeared on the podcast “Fake Doctors, Real Friends”, hosted by Zach Braff and Donald Faison where she discussed the scene in which he improvised an intimate act. She described a scene that Naughton was instructed to “touch” her breast.

The actress stated that Naughton got “more” than she expected and that it was “gross”. She added that Naughton also outlined her “areola with his finger.”, although that particular act was not written into the script.

I’m so glad they’re following his hand down [with the camera] because my face, my mouth is fallen open and I can’t believe it and don’t do it again. One take and let’s go,” Locklear recounted.

A representative spoke on behalf of Naughton and stated that although the scene was uncomfortable for both actors, Naughton did not do anything excessive or inappropriate.

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Now the former “Melrose Place” star has clarified her comments, stating that the awkward moment was not Naughton’s fault.

Taking to Instagram with a screenshot of a headline describing the incident, Locklear came to her former co-star’s defense.

“Oh no, I didn’t mean James Naughton did anything wrong,” she said. “The script called for him to touch my breast. I was surprised that he circled my areola. We had not discussed the scene prior to filming.”

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She concluded: “To be clear, I was never upset with James, just surprised. Love you James.”

In a statement to Page Six, Naughton’s rep responded with a sweet message.

“From James: ‘Love you back, Heather.’”