Democratic Congresswomen on the House Judiciary Committee are accusing Attorney General William Barr of being disrespectful and sexist during his testimony before the committee on Tuesday.

The Democratic women also implied he did not support diversity, pointing out he did not have one staffer that was a minority.

Congresswoman Madeleine Dean was among those decrying Barr, appearing on MSNBC on Wednesday morning to share her opinion.

“You saw his effect yesterday. He was disrespectful, spoke over the top of every one of us, in particular, he spoke over women,” Dean claimed.

She added: “He was flanked by at least 10 staffers, not a person of color among them, and he couldn’t identify that we have systemic racism in this country. Maybe that’s because he’s living in a bubble. I just have to tell you, it was so disrespectful the way he approached Congress, the way he approached our committee.”

Check it out:

Democratic Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal similarly lambasted Barr.

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BizPac Review reports, however: “Everything she said was a flat-out lie. It was Democrats who were disrespectful and kept speaking over Barr.”

Here’s a video of an exchange between Barr and Dean:

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And, with Jayapal:

As we previously reported, many people online criticized the Democratic members for their own disrespectful actions and tone.

Many, many people online are backing Barr. Via BizPac Review: