CNN Does Not Use ‘Female’ In New Health Report, Replaces Term With ‘Individuals With A Cervix’

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CNN is moving past the age of using “male” or “female” to describe individual genders and has introduced a new method to distinguish them.

Out with the old.

In with the new: “Individuals with a cervix.”

In a report, CNN encouraged “individuals with a cervix,” a component of the human female reproductive system, to get a cervical cancer screening as early as 25.

Citing a new guideline released Thursday by the American Cancer Society, CNN reports these same people should get primary human papillomavirus (HPV) testing every five years through age 65.

“The ACS last updated its guideline in 2012 and recommended to start screening at age 21,” CNN reported. “In a statement, the organization explained that the decision to raise the age for cervical cancer screenings is due to new data that suggests vaccination has led to a drop in rates of precancerous cervical changes, which are the precursors to cancer.”

Several people online however mocked the outlet’s use of “individuals with a cervix.”

Check it out:

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Some others defended the use of the term: