Breitbart reported this week on a developing story about how the wildly popular but controversial China-owned platform TikTok has been caught spying on iPhone users.

TikTok has quickly grown to be one of the most powerful social media apps, joining Instagram and Snapchat, as millions of people post themselves doing a variety of trends and dances.

A new operating system update for the iPhone, due to be released in the fall, is designed to eliminate a vulnerability that has left millions of iPhone users exposed for apps to snoop through the information being kept on their clipboard without their knowlege.

In some cases, the TikTok app is believed to be recording every keystroke, even if the user is not using the app.

Apple’s new iOS update will reportedly notify the iPhone user if an app is scanning their clipboard. Cybersecurity professionals have already outed TikTok earlier in the year for a similar behavior. Not only did TikTok claim that the snooping was a mistake, they also would stop the secretive scans.

The new reports are showing that TikTok may not have changed their invasive practices and are continuing to spy on users while they are using other applications on their phone.

Breitbart continued reporting on the developing story regarding the popular, yet problematic app.

The vulnerability, which allows application developers to access a user’s clipboard, data was modified on June 23 by Apple. Now, users will be prompted with a notification when an application gains access to their clipboard data…

…TikTok claims that the clipboard access issues were triggered by an older version of the Google advertising SDK.

“The clipboard access issues,” the TikTok representative added, “showed up due to third-party SDKs, in our case an older version Google Ads SDK, so we do not get access to the information through this (presumably they do but we cannot speak to that). We are in the processes of updating so that the third-party SDK will no longer have access.”

Breitbart News reported at the beginning of June that children spend almost as much time on TikTok as they do on YouTube. The report revealed that children approximately 80 minutes on each application every day.

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Stay tuned to Breitbart News for more updates on this story.