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Michael Moore’s documentary called “Planet of the Humans” has been removed from Youtube because of a copyright dispute, according to Fox News.

“When we receive a valid legal notification regarding content that allegedly violates copyright, we are required by law to remove it,” a spokesperson for YouTube told Fox News.

“YouTube is not in a position to mediate copyright disputes – it is between the parties involved. If an uploader feels that their content is covered by a fair-use exception, they can file a counter notification.”

Moore co-produced the film with Jeff Gibbs, who issued a statement calling the removal from YouTube a “blatant act of censorship.”

However, in a statement to Deadline, Gibbs denounced the action.

“This attempt to take down our film and prevent the public from seeing it is a blatant act of censorship by political critics of Planet of the Humans,” Gibbs said. “It is a misuse of copyright law to shut down a film that has opened a serious conversation about how parts of the environmental movement have gotten into bed with Wall Street and so-called ‘green capitalists.’ There is absolutely no copyright violation in my film.”

“Opponents of Planet of the Humans, who do not like its critique of the failures of the environmental movement, have worked for weeks to have the film taken down and to block us from appearing on TV and on livestream,” the statement continues.

“Their efforts to subvert free speech have failed, with nearly eight and a half million people already viewing the film on YouTube. These Trumpian tactics are shameful, and their aim to stifle free speech and prevent people from grappling with the uncomfortable truths exposed in this film is deeply disturbing.”

“We are working with YouTube to resolve this issue and have the film back up as soon as possible,” Gibbs concluded.

More from Fox News:

According to Deadline, the movie was taken down after being viewed by more than 8 million people due to a copyright claim over a disputed four seconds of footage that comes up 37 minutes into the documentary.

The clip in question reportedly comes up during a sequence titled “How Solar Panels & Wind Turbines Are Made.” In it, footage of mining operations for rare earth metals is shown. Although the duo isn’t sure who lodged the complaint against them, they’re arguing that the use of the footage falls under “fair use.” This allows people like journalists and documentary filmmakers to have limited access to copyrighted material.