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The mayor of Boise Idaho is facing heavy scrutiny for a “socialist wish list” written by her transition team, according to Fox News.

The Democrat maintains that it’s “being taken out of context.”

Boise Mayor Lauren McLean, who was elected back in December, told reporters that she selected 18 committee members to come up with a report for recommendations during her first term.

The report called “A More Equitable City for Everyone” would cover a wide variety of issues, including “free contraception as defined by the CDC, abortion, and reproductive health care” and providing “sex education at pre-K through 12th grade” in the Boise School District.

The report also promotes “policies that would effectively make Boise a sanctuary city, including ending coordination with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement,” the Idaho Statesman reports.

“These are not policy documents,” McLean told KTVB. “They are reports to me and my administration, and when we all talked, when I released them, I said that clearly and I wanted to transparently share them.”

She added, “It is incumbent upon me to recognize what I can do and what I can’t do to thank and honor the hard work of citizens volunteers who brought their ideas to the table.”

More from Fox News:

The Boise Guardian caused a stir when it shared McLean’s “A More Equitable City for Everyone” report, which was slammed by conservatives as a “socialist wish list” being pushed during coronavirus stay-at-home orders.

Dustin Hurst of the Idaho Freedom Foundation said the report would “fundamentally transform Boise into a socialist enclave” by making the city look “something like Portland, Seattle, or San Francisco.”

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The recommendations also include interrupting “white supremacist culture,” closing juvenile detention centers, providing city-wide free internet, increase “30% the number city government leadership positions held by women and people from communities affected by marginalization,” to name a few.