According to reports on CNBC, Andrew Cuomo, Governor of New York has issued an emergency order on Monday directing hospitals to increase their capacity by 50%.

“I think it’s unreasonable to tell hospitals to double their capacity,” Cuomo said. “They must increase by 50% at least.” Cuomo said.

The reasoning for the emergency order is that the number of cases in the state of New York has surged 38% overnight 20,875.

New York is the most affected state for the widespread virus, according to CNBC.

“This could go on for several months,” Cuomo said. ”

Roughly 13% of all cases have been hospitalized, 621 of the patients have ended up in the ICU and 157 people have died,” he said.

“Nobody can tell you is it four months, six months, eight months, nine months. But it is several months,” Cuomo said. “We all have to now confront that that is a new reality. That is not going to change. You are not going to turn on the news tomorrow morning and they’re going to say, ‘Surprise, surprise this is all now resolved in two weeks.’”

More from CNBC:

Cuomo estimated up to 80% of the state’s more than 19.4 million residents will get the coronavirus. Last week, Cuomo estimated there are likely “tens of thousands” of COVID-19 cases in the state among residents who didn’t know they had it.

“Many people will get the virus but few will truly be in danger,” he said Monday.

On Sunday, Cuomo said the state had 15,168 cases, more than France or South Korea were reporting at the time and those numbers are expected to dramatically rise as the state ramps up testing.

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Cuomo has said he worries the outbreak will stretch U.S. hospitals to their maximum capacity, saying the nation doesn’t have enough hospital beds to handle a pandemic. Hospitals across the nation are running low on personal protective equipment. Cuomo said the state has had some luck finding extra gear for doctors and nurses and is sending hundreds of thousands of surgical masks, N95 masks, gloves and gowns to hospitals across the state.

He said he would have liked for hospitals to increase their capacity by 100%, but added that would be unreasonable.

On Friday, Cuomo ordered nonessential businesses to keep 100% of their workforce at home and put in place stringent new restrictions on New Yorkers.

Cuomo said he has asked the federal government to nationalize the purchase of medical equipment and has signed off on several locations to build temporary hospitals to treat coronavirus patients.