According to reports from the Western Journal, the global pandemic of COVID-19 reportedly began with “patient zero discovered on December 1st.”

The report adds that this patient came 30 days before the Chinese government said that there had been an identified virus. By the end of December, roughly 200 people were infected.

By January 1st, labs that linked the virus to severe acute respiratory syndrome were mandated by the government to destroy all their samples.

The World Health Organization allegedly worked on China’s behalf by spreading China’s government’s narrative that the virus was not contagious.

With the narrative that the virus as nothing to worry about, Wuhan held a massive open banquet roughly 3 weeks after samples were destroyed, according to the Western Journal. To prepare for the huge event, about 40,000 families cooked and prepared dishes.

Days later, the government could not hide the severity of the pandemic. A few days later, six Chinese cities were placed under lockdown.

Videos od people collapsing in the street went viral.

In February, world leaders shut down borders with China, including President Trump ordering a travel ban.

WHO officials released a statement, “We are encouraged that the steps China has taken to contain the outbreak at its source appear to have bought the world time,” WHO’s director-general, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, said in mid-February, “even though those steps have come at greater cost to China itself.”

Commentary and Opinion from Western Journal:

While the WHO nominally does not take sides or favor nations, this pandemic has exposed that the organization does just the opposite.

The beginnings of the WHO’s friendship with China could be seen two years ago when Ghebreyesus met with the highest levels of Chinese leadership.

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Ghebreyesus was awed by the state of China’s medical industry and infrastructure and was especially fond of the country’s Belt and Road initiative, which promised to dump medical aid into Africa and other impoverished places.

The flood of aid, it seems, would take a major load off the WHO’s back.

Two years later, we can see the product of this horrible union in nearly every country in the world. China’s lies have allowed the novel coronavirus to spread through the country’s own population and hop oceans to hit unsuspecting nations.

All the while, the World Health Organization seemingly allowed this to happen, only stepping in when it was too late to stop the spread.

Make no mistake about it — this is a Chinese virus, turned into a full pandemic by the lies and ineptitude of the Chinese Communist Party, and the WHO is complicit in the germ’s deadly spread.